Ellis Real Estate is a property management business that has a sales division. We are not a sales office with a property management division. They are two very different businesses. We love property management and always have, our history is rich in this area and we were a property management only business for the first several years, our name was Magic Rentals.

So we did nothing but manage property for a long time and we spent an extended period refining our processes to ensure that great outcomes were achieved for our clients. The main reason for our success in this area is that we understand that our role is much more than managing the tenancy for you. You trust us with your biggest investment and we have a role to play in your wealth creation, your legacy, your dreams and your goals. This is why we strive for excellence in everything we do.

Technology is a big part of what we are about, and we utilise proven technology where it helps our clients achieve better outcomes. But technology will never replace good old fashioned customer service, which is why that is a big focus of ours.